My Journey as an Artist

I first discovered art at a very young age. I believe that I was around two or three years old is when my mom caught me in the act of drawing scribbles on this one spot in our small apartment. Most parents would have scolded me for drawing on the white wall, but my mom didn’t. She figured that at some point I would move on to a different medium such as paper, sooner or later. And that I was expressing myself at a young age.
Even if the scribbles didn’t make sense, whatever creativity that was flowing through mind, she felt that it was necessary to get it out of my system. I didn’t even know what I was doing at my age. But my mom saw my gift in me before anyone else. 

Fast forward to kindergarten, we had an assignment to draw an animal. I chose a bird and when I drew that bird I was in shock. My bird came out decent, especially for a five-year-old with no experience drawing animals. That’s when I really realized that I could draw and I practiced every day after that school assignment. When my parents were going through their divorce, I was going through depression and a ton of anxiety. The only way that was able to survive through that rough time was with my art. Whenever I had an opportunity to create in class or at home I took it. That’s when my mom noticed that I was taking my art seriously, she introduced me as well as my sister to museums, free events, and my favorite bookstore Borders (RIP). And with that, I learned a lot about different types of art, art history, artists and the movements they were apart of and that inspired me to do more with my art. By that I mean, I wanted to create more artwork that meant something…that expressed how I felt. 

I was self-taught, no mentor or training involved at the beginning of my journey of becoming an artist. Once I got into middle school, I had a couple of art teachers that encouraged me to keep creating, just like my mother and even my grandmother (a fellow artist) was telling me to do. I learned a couple of new skills along the way. But in the end, I was still reading and watching YouTube videos on how to draw, paint, sculpt, etc.  

While in high school I took on two summer art apprenticeships where I created murals in two mediums: acrylic paint and the other was with mosaics. And around this time I was building up my art portfolio as well. I really wanted to go to fashion school because of my dream to become a fashion designer. Even though I stayed at the university for two years, I learned a lot. I also learned that fashion design wasn’t my calling. Being a visual artist was and that’s how I ended up here; four art shows, a blog, and shop under my belt.

I hope this gives a little insight as to who I am as an artist, and where I started with my art journey.
Are any of you all artists? If so, tell me about yourself! Leave a comment in the comment section below.

I will see you guys next time!

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