¡Bienvenido a mi revista en español!

¡Hola! Bienvenido a mi blog en español! ¡Estoy estudiando español y quiero que me sigas en este viaje!

Yes, I am actually going to be documenting my journey of learning the language that I should have known my entire life: Spanish! And when I say "should have known" I'm speaking about my personal struggle of being biracial and not being bilingual. My parents divorced when I was in elementary school so I grew up with my mother who is a Black-American who speaks English. And unfortunately, my father who is a first-generation Mexican-American did not speak Spanish either and was not in my life. 

So growing up, it was somewhat difficult for me when people would question as to why I never spoke Spanish or why I didn't know how to speak the language. Through my time from elementary school through high school, it has always felt like a routine to explain my background and my failure to not speak a lick of Spanish. At one point in my life, I felt like an idiot when Spanish speakers would look at me and speak and I would have no words to say because I couldn't speak the language. It has always made me feel like I should know how to speak Spanish because of my background. And I know that there are a lot of biracial people who feel the same way. I mean who doesn't want to know about their other nationalities culture and native language and to be bilingual at the same time? I know I do, and that's why I am setting a goal for myself for the rest of 2018 through 2019 and that is to be bilingual in both English and Spanish!

 I want to be able to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and even strangers in Spanish. Being bilingual is not only a bonus for my personal life, but it will also help me advance in any career that involves speaking two languages! With my blog, I hope to inspire anyone who has ever felt the same way and encourage them to not be ashamed of not being bilingual and to learn the language when you're ready. I also want this to be a place of resource for anyone who wants to learn or is already learning Spanish or another language. Please don't be afraid to comment, make suggestions or even correct my Spanish when its wrong. We are all here to learn and that's what this blog is essentially about. 

¡Adiós te veo pronto!