Crystals in DC!

Yes, you've read that right, there are plenty of crystals in the District of Columbia. There aren't a lot of shops that sell them. But the number one place to go to see them is at the National Museum of Natural History in downtown DC!

I am a DC native, so I have been to this particular museum a lot. But every time I come to see the crystals and the other exhibits I turn into a little kid! I previously went two weeks ago, and I wanted to share with you all my favorite crystals that immediately caught my attention.

Most of the crystals have been donated by the previous owners to display in the museum. I never knew that there were so many types of crystals, stones, and rocks until I really saw them that day I went.

The crystals that you see here all have their own unique look and feel to them. Their color, shape, and texture are what really makes these beautiful objects stand out and catch everyone's eye!

If you ever get the chance to visit DC, I strongly encourage you to come see the crystals! I forgot to mention, that there is a gift shop specifically for this exhibit. They sell crystals, books, games, jewelry, and even home decor! I didn't get a chance to buy anything, but I know for sure that I will buy a piece of jewelry or home decor in the near future.

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this post of me being a tourist in my own city! Make sure to subscribe to my blog by entering your email for updates on my blog! Also, don't forget to comment in the comment section and let me know what your favorite museum is and why is it special to you!


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